Calorie of cig kofte roll

calorie of cig kofte

Does cig kofte fatten?

Overweight which turns into nightmare in general forces us to restrain ourselves from many things in our daily lives. Especially women, they calculate calories of everything. Therefore, we make calorie calculations for everything we eat and drink.Cig kofte that is demanded by everyone and eaten with joy gets its share from these calculations. Çiğköftem which is a world brand in sector alleges that it is an innocent taste not ruining your diet unless exaggerated, when its calorific value is calculated.
Çiğköftem keep up nutritional values since it cares about human health first.  If we exemplify cig kofte with less bitter; 100 gram cig kofte contains Protein (4,34), Carbohydrate (23,7), Fat (9,77), Dietary Fiber (7,29), Total Energy(214,5), Calcium (313,68), Potassium(76,34) and Iron(22,14).
As it is seen, Çiğköftem has whatever you look for… There is health and taste in Çiğköftem…