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Cig Kofte

Çiğköftem It is obvious that in our day, habit of ordering or having food from outside has increased. It is an indisputable reality that people make their choices especially considering hygiene and quality.Cig kofte which is a flavor that Turkish people could not give up from the past, has not only been in every part of Turkey, but widened its borders to different countries.     Recipe of meatless cig kofte is lurked in our taste.    Çiğköftem, a giant brand of Turkey that has most branches overseas, is preferred and adopted by people from every part of society with % 100 customer satisfaction, without shaking its hygiene and quality throne.   

How Meatless Cig Kofte is made?

Cig kofte is a delicious taste which dates back to long years and prepared with bulgur, paste and various spices with a sticking taste in mouth.  Çiğköftem proved itself in 10 countries a world brand which takes first place among best cig kofte recipes. I Being equipped with health and full of secrets with rich ingredients is announced to people who calculates calories of cig kofte.  Çiğköftem which is number one in cig kofte production is proud to serve this taste to its lovers since 1993… Bon appetite…

Cig kofte recipe came up with a culture dating back to very long years. Some brands showed up to save cig kofte recipe (which can be done at home with a great effort) from worried questions like what to do if cig kofte becomes juicy, how long it takes kneading it. Çiğköftem, which is popular for its cig kofte rolls, is happy to serve daily fresh, healthy cig kofte to its customers everyday by standardizing cig kofte recipe.

When we ask how cig kofte is made, we mostly get it is made Urfa way. But we see cig kofte showcases and cig kofte advertisements everywhere. Cig kofte advertisements are even shown in televisions. Cig kofte got out of cig kofte tray, and it reigns on cig kofte showcases.  As a world brand, Çiğköftem amazes its customers with cig kofte stand, cig kofte set and cig kofte price list without moving away from naturalness. Problem of how many calories cig kofte roll includes is being removed with a prescription that engineers prepared smartly.  Brand that brings peace between cig kofte and diet does not make concessions about serving to human health.

How many calories of cig kofte?

Çiğköftem thinks that human health is important. Nutritional values of Çiğköftem products are kept high regarding human health.  . If we exemplify cig kofte with less bitter; Protein(4,34), Carbohydrate(23,7), Fat (9,77), Dietary Fiber (7,29), Total Energy (214,5), Calcium (313,68), Potassium(76,34) and Iron (22,14) for 100 gr. cig kofte.
As it is seen, Çiğköftem has whatever you look for… There is health and taste in Çiğköftem… Bon appetite…
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