How Cig Kofte is made?

çiğ köfte

How Cig Kofte is made?

Basic ingredients of Çiğköftem which is a world brand are;


How Cig Kofte is made?

  • Çiğköfte mix
  • (Tomato or pepper) paste
  • Garlic
  • Water
  • Oil
  • Parsley and
  • pomegranate syrup.

Secret of brand and basis of taste is Çiğköfte mix;   could be said professional secret… Preparation requires various and sequacious phases, but superficially it is as it follows:

  • Çiğköfte Mix is soaked with water beforehand, and rested for 1-2 hours.  
  • Water is added, pomegranate syrup and garlic are added.
  • Finally parsley and oil are added and Çiğköfte gets ready.

While adding these ingredients, kneading should also be done so that every grain of bulgur has a taste worthy of Çiğköftem.

Finally cig koftes are weighted and vacuumed, and get ready for sale in its freshest form.

Bon appetite…