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Falafel: a real source of protein

The protein-rich, vegan-friendly falafel dates back to the pharaonic period. Falafel has become a global street food that replaces meat, and transcended the borders of the Middle East. It is usually served with salad, pickled vegetables, tahini and spicy sauces. A traditional dish of Egypt and the Middle East, falafel

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Mistakes made by franchisees

In our previous blog post, we explained what franchising is and now we want to warn you about the mistakes that many franchisees make. So if you are really interested in franchising, you should read this article carefully. First of all, there are many questions you should ask yourself before

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Franchise – What is it?

What is franchising? Franchising is a partnership-based distribution system. In this distribution system, new entrepreneurs are allowed to use an established business concept for a fee. It is therefore a system of cooperation between an existing company – the franchisor – and a company founder – the franchisee. The franchisor

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