They made special ciburger for Americans

Entrepreneurs who set out with the slogan “Meatless raw meatballs” literally created a new market from scratch. Many entrepreneurs turned raw meatballs into a fast food chain in Turkey. Now it’s time to go abroad…

One of the brands that attracts attention with its attack abroad is Çiğköftem. The company currently has 10 branches in Germany, 7 in the Netherlands, 2 in Belgium, 2 in Austria, and one each in England and the USA. The number of branches in Turkey has reached 130. We learned that Çiğköftem will open another branch in the USA next week. New branches will be opened in Germany and the Netherlands next month.

Aiming to become an international fast food brand, Çiğköftem was developed by Erdoğan Güner.

It was founded in 1993. The company offers raw meatballs, as you know them under the name “ciburger”, in addition to classical presentation techniques.

It made a difference by selling it like a hamburger. This product was tested in the company’s New York branch in the USA.

As we learned, the company developed ciburger to popularize raw meatballs in the USA, the homeland of burger culture. When it received great interest, sales started in other branches as well. Ciburger is prepared like a regular hamburger with raw meatball ingredients. Instead of classic sauces such as mayonnaise and ketchup, spicy pomegranate syrup sauces are used. Let us note that Çiğköftem closed 2011 with a turnover of 7.3 million TL, and this year’s turnover target is 10 million TL.

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