He won the full gold award by eating two kilos of raw meatballs in one hour.

The ‘Unlimited Çiğköfte 34 TL’ campaign of the Çiğköftem brand, which entered the sector by opening its first concept raw meatball branch approximately 20 years ago, attracted high demand. As part of the campaign, a grand finale event was organized for the three people who ate the most raw meatballs in one sitting. Dursun Samet, who ate two kilos of raw meatballs in one hour in the fierce competition, won the full gold award.


Çiğköftem, which provides service with 250 branches in Turkey, launched the “Unlimited Çiğköfte for 34 TL” campaign between 14.00-17.00 on May 18-31, valid in all its stores. Within the scope of the campaign, record news began to come from many parts of Turkey every day. Nearly 100 tons of raw meatballs were consumed during the two-week campaign. While participants from all cities of Turkey participated in the “Most Raw Meatball Eating” record, which started organically during the campaign, record attempts were also made. At the end of the campaign, the 3 people who achieved the highest record competed again on live broadcast. The contestants were Bertan Arda Öz from Erzurum, Batuhan Sarıkaya from Aksaray and Dursun Samet from Istanbul. The three people sat at the table again to eat the most raw meatballs in an hour. The competition, which attracted great interest from the citizens, witnessed intense competition.

“We received a lot of attention, especially from young people, in the campaign.”

Evaluating the campaign, Çiğköftem General Manager Hasan Durmaz said that they are the “Turkish brand with the most branches in Europe” with 130 branches spread throughout Europe and added: “During the campaign, we received favor from young people, especially in different provinces of Turkey. At the end of the campaign, Istanbul, Erzurum and Aksaray” We invited three of our friends, one from each, to Istanbul to compete. They say they will eat three kilos of raw meatballs in one hour. I wish them all success. We will give full gold as a reward to the one who eats the most raw meatballs. We will not send the other contestants away without a gift. We are the first to launch this campaign in the entire raw meatball community. “We did it for the first time. The demand was very high. All precautions were taken during this competition. Our young people’s blood pressure was measured, we have an ambulance at the door just in case,” he said.

At the end of the competition held in Çiğköftem’s Harbiye branch, Dursun Samet, who participated from Istanbul, was the winner. Samet was rewarded with full gold by eating two kilos of raw meatballs in one hour. Stating that he was very happy to win the competition, Dursun Samet said, “I am participating in the competition from Istanbul. I thought I would win. Thank you for this contest. “I won the award by eating 2 kilos of raw meatballs in one hour,” he said.

Competitor Bertan Arda Öz, who stated that he came to Istanbul from Erzurum for the grand final, said: “I am happy to be second. “I ate 1 kilo, 950 grams of raw meatballs,” he said. Competitor Batuhan Sarıkaya, who stated that he loves eating raw meatballs, said: “I come from Aksaray. I congratulate my friends. I ate 1 kilo and 900 grams. “If I had continued, I would have come first,” he said. Öz and Sarıkaya were also awarded gram gold after the competition.

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