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Çiğköftem: Vegan, Vegetarian, Fresh And Delicıus

The tenants of LunaCenter are delighted that Mrs. Budak, the soul of the Vegan Kitchen, has taken the initiative and opened a new business during this time. Since July 29, 2022, you can find Cigköftem on the ground floor – right across from Apfelpark. A small but very fine shop

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Ciğköftem In Dortmund – Vegan Köfte

At this point, I’ve previously reported on another branch of the store chain (or perhaps franchising?) CigköfteM, back then about the Düsseldorf store, so just briefly here. In Dortmund’s Nordstadt, there is also the opportunity to enjoy vegan köfte. I find it really delicious, and I’ll allow myself to quote

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Cigköftem in Frankfurt

Çig köfte, which translates to ‘raw meatballs,’ actually has nothing to do with meat; instead, it is made from cracked wheat, tomato paste, ground chili peppers, and a blend of up to 18 different spices. Çig köfte is a Turkish specialty that is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. In a

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How to Make Raw Meatballs with Eggs?

Raw meatballs, one of the most delicious foods of our country, are prepared differently depending on the region. One of them is raw meatballs with eggs. For those wondering how to make raw meatballs with eggs, we explain how to make raw meatballs with eggs. A truly delicious recipe for

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Short & Sweet: Cig Köfte in the Laurentiusviertel

The vegan Cig Köfte consists of a boldly spiced bulgur mixture and is served with herbs and a pomegranate sauce, rolled in a lavash flatbread as a wrap. Photo: Holger Crump Get the local news overview delivered to your inbox, every morning at 7:07 Order newsletter for free If you’re

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Döner is plentiful – Turks open vegan snack bar

Geesthacht. The first fast food restaurant serving exclusively meatless cuisine will open in Geesthacht on Friday. The menu is quite impressive. Such a snack bar is more expected in the trendy Hamburger Schanzenviertel or the chic Eppendorf. That’s where the target audience is located. Right in the middle of Geesthacht,

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