Turkey’s first concept raw meatball shop, Çiğköftem, has today become a chain operating in nine countries around the world. The company, which directly employs a thousand people and indirectly employs more than 10 thousand people, has an export target of 12 million Euros in 2022. Çiğköftem, whose current number of franchise branches is 360, aims to increase this number to 470 branches by the end of 2022. The company does not charge a franchise entry fee or royalty fee. Stating that they prioritize maintaining stability in production costs by using domestic raw materials as much as possible in production, EM GROUP Chairman Erdoğan Güner said, “We have increased our annual and monthly stock levels to the optimum level in both the material and the finished product. We reflect the advantages of the measures we have taken in these two issues to our dealers. Sales enhancing “We have expanded our activities, thus supporting the increase of our dealers’ turnover and therefore their profitability,” he says. The company, which has increased its investments in ERP and CRM in the last two years, has achieved a 20 percent improvement in many areas, from resource management to stock management, from marketing activities to sales processes, from cost management to workforce efficiency. The company, which has 120 branches abroad, plans to open 50 new branches in Europe by the end of 2022, especially in England, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark. The company, which increased its campaigns especially on online platforms, achieved an increase in turnover of more than 50 percent for dealers in these channels compared to three months ago. Stating that they increased the measures to maintain stability in production costs, Güner said, “We increased our stock levels to the highest point. We are trying to manage sudden changes in food inflation by keeping costs under control. When we look back, there have been 5-6 changes in raw material and energy fuel costs in the last six months, but we have “We changed the price twice,” he says.

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